Royal Private Health Insurance

​We recommend Royal private health insurance for those who would like to have the safety of an all-comprehensive health insurance covering inpatient, outpatient, maternity, dental and psychiatric treatments.

Royal private health insurance covers all inpatient and outpatient treatments including maternity, newborn, dental and psychiatric care.

The health insurance covers among others the following:

  • Costs of inpatient and outpatient treatments up to 975.000.000 HUF/year all over the world (except for USA).
  • Costs of private maternity and newborn care (available only in Hungary and after 12 months of continuous cover).
  • Costs of treating critical illnesses.
  • Costs of home nursing following inpatient treatment (up to 30 days).
  • Costs of dental treatment up to 812.500 HUF.
  • Costs of psychiatric treatments.

Royal health insurance covers the below medical treatments

The overall maximum limit of the health insurance is 975.000.000 HUF/year/individual.
Inpatient treatments:
  • Hospital costs, including hospital room with board and general nursing care.
  • Parent accommodation. If the insured patient is underage and treated for an illness that is covered by this health insurance then one of the parents may stay in the same hospital room. The health insurance covers the hospital costs (accommodation and board) of one parent.
  • Operating theatre fees. The health insurance covers the costs of the operating room, recovery room, medicines, general nursing care and equipment used during and after the operation.
  • Intensive care and high dependency unit. The health insurance covers the admission or transfer to these units.
  • Specialists fees, including consultation fees of specialists, surgeons, anesthetists and assistants during and immediately before or after surgery.
  • Pathology, X-ray, diagnostic tests done in order to diagnose the patient's condition (blood tests, ECG, X-ray or ultrasound).
  • Physio/Chiro/Osteotherapist, naturopath, dietician, speech therapist. The health insurance covers the costs of a treatment done by a registered medical practitioner aiming to recover or restore a function.
  • Chronic conditions. Costs of treating these conditions within inpatient care.
  • Rehabilitation. The costs of inpatient rehabilitation following surgery are covered up to 30 days.
  • Psychiatric treatment. The costs of room and board and the psychiatric treatment are covered up to 60 days if the insured is admitted to a psychiatric hospital under the supervision of a psychiatrist.
  • Prosthetic implants. These costs are covered as part of the medical treatment.
  • Medical supplies and equipments.The costs of supplies such as orthopedic supports, wheelchairs, crutches, hearing and speaking aids, etc. are covered if used in the course of a medical treatment or in home care.
  • Palliative care. The costs of palliative care (whether in home or in hospital) are covered up to 30 days if the insured can no longer receive active medical treatment in order to recover from an illness.
  • Home care. In case of a hospital treatment, that is covered by this health insurance, the costs of home nursing are covered as well up to 30 days if immediately followed upon discharge, managed by a qualified nurse and prescribed by a specialist.
  • Cash benefit. A lump sum cash benefit is paid in the amount of 15.000 HUF/night if the patient stays in a hospital where no fee is charged for medical treatments. (f.e. public hospital)
  • Congenital and hereditary conditions. The costs of treating congenital and/or hereditary conditions are covered up to 90 days after giving birth.
    Congenital disorder is an abnormality, illness, injury, deformity, etc. present at birth wether diagnosed or not.
    Hereditary condition is an abnormality, illness, injury, deformity, etc. present at birth and passed down by a family member.
  • Cover outside geographic area. Covered only until stable condition to transfer or up to the cash limit of 16.250.000 HUF.
Outpatient treatments:
  • Outpatient surgery. The costs of surgical procedures performed under local anesthetic not requiring inpatient treatment are covered within the above mentioned limits.
  • General Practitioner and specialist fees. The consultation fees with a General Practitioner, Family Doctor or specialist to diagnose an illness or as a follow-up care are covered by the health insurance.
  • Pathology, X-ray, diagnostic tests done in order to diagnose the patient's condition (blood tests, ECG, X-ray or ultrasound).
  • Physiotherapy. If recommended by a specialist or your General Practitioner the costs of physiotherapy are covered within the above limits if performed by a registered physiotherapists and with the purpose to relieve pain or restore a function.
  • Medical dressing and medication prescribed by a physician for treating an injury or illness.
  • Consultation with complementary and alternative therapists. Costs of medical services provided by registered therapists, such as occupational or complementary therapists (f.e. acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractor, etc.) are covered by the health insurance, except for sexual therapies.
  • Chronic diseases. The costs of ongoing treatment of chronic diseases are covered.
  • Speech therapy. The costs of speech therapy are covered if it is provided for restoring speech following an accident or a medical condition, like stroke and are recommended by a specialist. The health insurance doesn't cover the costs of speech therapies in order to treat a language disorder or developmental delay.
  • Emergency outpatient treatment costs are covered if the services are provided in the Accident an Emergency Department.
  • Psychiatric treatment. If recommended by a registered psychiatrist or psychologist, the costs of consultation, psychotherapy and associated costs of psychiatric and psychological treatments are covered up to 30 occasions.
Other services:
  • Cancer treatment. Costs of inpatient cancel treatments are covered by the health insurance including hospital care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, consultation and medicine related to the treatment process.
  • Transplant services. Costs of medical services related directly to the organ and/or tissue transplantation are fully covered. The health insurance does not cover the searching, removing and transportation of the transplant organ or tissue and the costs of administration.
  • Advanced imaging. Costs of advanced imaging (PET scan, CT, MRI, etc.) are covered if recommended by your specialist.
  • Maternity care. Hospital fees, the fees of the obstetrician and midwife in case for natural childbirth furthermore postnatal care immediately after giving birth and the routine care for the baby up to seven days after childbirth are covered. The costs of terminating the pregnancy are covered upon the following cases: stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. Available only in Hungary and after 12 months of continuous cover.
  • Childbirth allowance. An amount of 115.000 HUF lump slum childcare allowance is paid if the child is born in a hospital where no fee is charged for medical treatment (f. e. public hospital).
  • Complications of pregnancy. In case of complications including conditions like pre-eclampsia, threatened miscarriage or if the life of the mother and/or the baby is threatened, the costs of C-section are covered.
    Available after 12 months of continuous cover.
  • Newborn care. Costs of newborn care are covered up to 32.500.000 HUF within 30 days after giving birth. During these 30 days children can be added to their parents' insurance policy without exclusions (except for congenital and hereditary diseases).
  • Accidental dental care. The costs of restoring a damaged tooth after an accident is covered, but the health insurance doesn't cover the repair of implants, crowns, and dentures.
  • Road ambulance. If medically necessary the costs of transporting the insured to a hospital following an accident or transferring from one hospital to the other are covered using road ambulance.
  • Return of mortal remains. The costs of returning the mortal remains of the insured are covered up to 3.250.000 HUF, if he/she dies away from his/her home country or country of residence.
  • International Emergency Medical Evacuation with the approval of the insurance company. In case of an emergency if the local medical services are not satisfactory the health insurance covers the costs of evacuation to the nearest hospital or return the insured to his/her home country or country of residence using the most eligible means of transport available (f.e. scheduled charter flights, etc). The reasonable costs of travel and accommodation of one person accompanying the insured are covered up to 16.250 HUF/night for a maximum of 10 nights. Once the insured is fit to travel the health insurance covers the costs of returning home.
    The insurance does not cover seaborne, airborne and mountain evacuation or searching of the insured and evacuation from deserts and jungles.
Preventive care:
  • Health screening. The costs of an annual health screening is covered.
  • Baby health checks. The costs of maximum 4 annual health check-ups are covered until the child turns 2.
  • Vaccination. The costs of mandatory vaccines and travel vaccinations are covered.
Optional dental treatments:
812.500 HUF is available annually for optional dental treatments. By various percentage of copay you can have preventive and restorative dental services just as orthodontic treatments.
  • Preventive treatment costs are covered by the health insurance including check-ups, X-ray, scale and polish. Available after 6 month of continuous cover and the copay is 0%.
  • Routine and restorative treatment costs are covered including fillings, bridges and crowns, implants and root canal treatment. Available after 6 month of continuous cover and the copay is 20%.
  • Orthodontic treatment costs are covered up to the age of 18 and after 2 years of continuous cover. The copay is 50% on orthodontic treatments.
91.180 HUF/month
(Guiding price estimated for age group 31-35.)