Blue Private Health Insurance

​We recommend Blue private health insurance for those who are not in regular need of outpatient treatments but would like to be examined and treated in a private hospital in case of a serious illness.

If the condition of the patient calls for inpatient treatment and/or operation, the Blue private health insurance will cover the costs of private hospital care including specialist fees, diagnostic tests and medical procedures.

The health insurance covers among others the following:

  • Costs of inpatient treatments up to 162.500.000 HUF/year throughout Europe.
  • Costs of treating critical illnesses.
  • Costs of home care up to 10 days if it is preceded by inpatient treatment.

Blue health insurance covers the below medical treatments

The overall maximum limit of the health insurance is 162.500.000 HUF/year/individual.
Inpatient treatments:
  • Hospital costs, including hospital room with board and general nursing care.
  • Parent accommodation. If the insured patient is underage and treated for an illness that is covered by this private health insurance then one of the parents may stay in the same hospital room. The health insurance covers the hospital costs (accommodation and board) of one parent.
  • Operating theatre fees. The health insurance covers the costs of the operating room, recovery room, medicines, general nursing care and equipment used during and after the operation.
  • Intensive care and high dependency unit. The health insurance covers the admission or transfer to these units.
  • Specialists fees, including consultation fees of specialists, surgeons, anesthetists and assistants during and immediately before or after surgery.
  • Pathology, X-ray, diagnostic tests done in order to diagnose the patient's condition (blood tests, ECG, X-ray or ultrasound).
  • Physio/Chiro/Osteotherapist, naturopath, dietician, speech therapist. The health insurance covers the costs of a treatment done by a registered medical practitioner aiming to recover or restore a function.
  • Chronic conditions. Costs of treating these conditions within inpatient care.
  • Prosthetic implants. These costs are covered as part of the medical treatment.
  • Home care. In case of a hospital treatment, that is covered by this health insurance, the costs of home nursing are covered as well up to 10 days if immediately followed upon discharge, managed by a qualified nurse and prescribed by a specialist.
  • Cash benefit. A lump sum cash benefit is paid in the amount of 15.000 HUF/night up to 10 days if the patient stays in a hospital where no fee is charged for medical treatments. (f.e. public hospital)
  • Congenital and hereditary conditions. The costs of treating congenital and/or hereditary conditions are covered up to 60 days after giving birth.
    Congenital disorder is an abnormality, illness, injury, deformity, etc. present at birth wether diagnosed or not.
    Hereditary condition is an abnormality, illness, injury, deformity, etc. present at birth and passed down by a family member.
  • Cover outside geographic area. Up to 30 days. Covered only until stable condition to transfer or up to the cash limit of 9.750.000 HUF.
Other services:
  • Cancer treatment. Costs of inpatient cancel treatments are covered by the health insurance including hospital care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, consultation and medicine related to the treatment process.
  • Transplant services. Costs of medical services related directly to the transplantation are covered up to 81.250.000 HUF in case of organ transplantation and up to 8.125.000 HUF in case of tissue transplantation. The health insurance does not cover the searching, removing and transportation of the transplant organ or tissue and the costs of administration.
  • Advanced imaging. Costs of advanced imaging (PET scan, CT, MRI, etc.) are covered if recommended by your specialist.
  • Road ambulance. If medically necessary the costs of transporting the insured to a hospital following an accident or transferring from one hospital to the other are covered using road ambulance.
18.900 HUF/month
(Guiding price estimated for age group 18-39.)